I live near the great city of Pittsburgh, PA.  Like most people, I started creating photographs at a young age - with a simple point-and-shoot camera, on vacations, or just for fun. 
The science of photography began to interest me later while taking a "visual communications" class in junior high school.  I got to use a dark room, and I was exposed (no pun intended) to the chemical process involved in developing film.  Cool stuff.
The artistic aspects of photography dawned on me a few years later, while working on a high school project for which we were loaned a 35mm film camera and simply told to make some interesting photos that told a story.  I created some images of abandoned mills in my area, telling the story of a bygone era through the structures that were left behind.
As I got older, and digital photography took over the industry, image-making became easier.  At the same time, I also realized that there's room to embrace both the scientific and the artistic components of photography while creating interesting images.  My wife recognized my love of photography, and encouraged me to pursue it.
This website is the culmination of my photographic pursuits.  It represents my full portfolio of photographs, presented in several galleries, for your viewing enjoyment.  Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests. 
Thanks for stopping by!
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Best Selling Prints
Many of my images are available for purchase in various sizes, with custom matting and framing options, at my online store, powered by Fine Art America
If you'd like to purchase a print, but you don't see it for sale, just let me know.
The following are some of my best sellers...
"Ohiopyle Bridge"
"Ohiopyle Bridge"
"Maker's Mark Barrels"
"Maker's Mark Barrels"
"Red Barn"
"Red Barn"
"Golden Rain 2"
"Golden Rain 2"
"Golden Rain 1"
"Golden Rain 1"
"Mean Joe's Helmut"
"Mean Joe's Helmut"
Published Photographs
There's been a couple cases in which I've been honored to have my photos published in places beyond my own website.
"Daffodils 2.0"
Shutterbug Magazine, August 2013
"Easter Vigil"
St. Michael the Archangel Parish (website)
Mt. Lebanon, PA

I don't enter many contests or competitions.  Here are some cases where I've had some success...
"Almost Heaven"
Editor's Choice (August 25, 2023)
"The Glassmith"
Digital Artistry Contest - Finalist (Apr. 2023)
"Moody Blooms"
Macro & Close-Up Contest - Finalist (Mar. 2023)
"Radio City"
Travel Contest - Finalist (Feb. 2023)
"Chinese Lantern"
Macro & Close-Up Contest - Finalist (Dec. 2022)
"Woodstock Bicycles"
2022 Wheels, Wings, & Rails - Winner (1 of 5)
"Steel Ford"
2022 Cell Phone Photo Challenge - Winner (1 of 5)
A white anemone flower, in close-up
"White Anemone"
Editor's Choice (June 11, 2022)
Macro & Close-Up Contest - Finalist (Apr. 2022)
"Reaching for the Sky"
Weekly Challenge #951 - Editor's Pick (8/16/2020)

I occasionally enter photography exhibitions, and I've been honored to have some images accepted...
"Steel Ford"
Westchester Intl. Exhibition 2023
Detroit Intl. Salon of Photography 2023
North American Intl. Exhibition 2022
PSA Annual Exhibition 2022
"One Headlight"
Westchester Intl. Exhibition 2023
PSA Annual Exhibition 2022
"Alstroemeria Closeup"
Westchester Intl. Exhibition 2021
Detroit Intl. Salon of Photography 2021
Manhattan 2020 Photo Exhibition
Detroit Intl. Salon of Photography 2020

I'd like to thank each of the following people, for inspiring me:

My wonderful wife Laura, a dietitian, a culinary nutritionist, an author, and an amazing cook.
All images on this website are dedicated to her.
This is her website:
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My buddy Joe, a professional graphic designer, illustrator, and award-winning painter.
Check out his work here:
_ _ _

My sister-in-law Melissa, a very talented professional photographer.
Check out her work here: