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The sun rises over a lake.
These really sum up everything you need to know about photography.
A leaf with a hole in it is illuminated by the sun.
Old photography sayings are old because they're often right.
A seagull flies by, against a sepia background.
Photographing birds in flight is tough when you don't know what you're doing.
An image of a photographer.
It depends on how much you care. I'll explain.
Autumn leaves partially red, and lit up by the sun
Don't just capture the season - capture the change of seasons.
A bright red flower, with jagged petals, in front of a field of green and blue.
The truth can be hard to hear.  But not if handled correctly.
A close-up of a statue of General George Washington
Statues and monuments make great photo subjects.
A long wedding banquet table.
How to answer that question when you're not a wedding photographer.
Vibrant spring tulips, shot from a low angle looking up at the sky.
Shoot up at flowers for that behind-the-scenes look.
Buttes near Sedona, AZ, with out-of-focus branches in the foreground.
Depth of field isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.
Yellow daffodils
A close-up of a camera mode dial.
You can trust your camera to do the right thing.
A sepia image of the conservatory at Casa Loma near Toronto.
A sepia treatment makes an image look older, but it doesn't work for every photo.
Leaves, lit up by the sun.
Sunlight breaks through the forest canopy and illuminates the undergrowth below.
Fish mongers at Pike Place Market
A world-famous fish market, full of interesting shops, and flying food.
A beautiful woman walks down a street in a small town in Italy.
Composing a photo of a narrow street in Tuscany.
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